IoT Timeline

Here is an interactive timeline of the internet of things. It includes many kinds of events, including cultural, political and economic milestones, the dates of particular inventions, and the moments that particular protocols and standards came into effect.  It includes over a hundred events across several thematic tracks.  So depending on your screen size may want to load this in its own window to explore it.


Curation:  Phil Howard and Judit Szakács.  Research Assistants:  Bálint Balázs, Luis Cano, Roxana Damian, Tautvydas Juskauskas, Eszter Kajtár, Atila Mester, Radka Pudilova, Erjon Qirollari, Marija Stojanovska Rupcic, Justina Vaikutyte, Giang Vu.