Table of Contents

Preface xi
Introduction xix
1. Empire of Connected Things 1

Carna Surveils the Realm, 2
What’s in a Pax? 4
The Demographics of Diffusion, 8
Information Technology and the New World Order, 11
Pax Romana, Britannica, Americana, 14
The Balaceras of Monterrey, 17
The Internet Is Also a Surveillance State, 22
The Wars Only Bots Will Fight, 27
The Political Empire of Connected Things, 33

2. Internet Interregnum 37

Discovering the UglyGorilla, 38
Devices of Hope, 42
The Demographics of Diffusion, 44
The Zapatistas Reboot History, 47
From Gold to Bits, 53
States Don’t Own It, Though They Fight Hard to Control It, 56
A New Kind of New Order, 59
But It’s Not a Westphalian—or Feudal—World, 62

3. New Maps for the New World 67

Mapping Hispaniola, 68
Dictators and Dirty Networks, 71
Mubarak’s Choice, 73
We Are All Laila, 75
Governments, Bad and Fake, 79
The Dictator’s Digital Dilemma, 84
Finding Kibera, 88
Dirty Networks, Collapsing, 91
The Democracy of Devices, 99

4. Five Premises for the Pax Technica 107

Learning from the Internet Interregnum, 108
First Premise: The Internet of Things Is Being Weaponized, 112
Second Premise: People Use Devices to Govern, 119
Third Premise: Digital Networks Weaken Ideologies, 123
Fourth Premise: Social Media Solve Collective Action Problems, 136
Fifth Premise: Big Data Backs Human Security, 139
Defi ning the Pax Technica, 145

5. Five Consequences of the Pax Technica 148

Empire of Bits—A Scenario, 149
First Consequence: Networked Devices and the Stability of
Cyberdeterrence, 153
Second Consequence: Governance Through the Internet of Things, 157
Third Consequence: From a Clash of Civilizations to a Competition Between Device Networks, 162
Fourth Consequence: Connective Action and Crypto Clans, 168
Fifth Consequence: Connective Security and Quality of Life, 175
The Downside of Connective Security, 179

6. Network Competition and the Challenges Ahead 183

My Girlfriend Went Shopping . . . in China, 184
Authoritarian, but Social, 196
Bots and Simulations, 202
DRM for the Material World? 211
Other Challenges (That Are Lesser Challenges), 214
The Downside of Up, 218
Rival Devices on Competing Networks, 220

7. Building a Democracy of Our Own Devices 224

Your Coffee Betrays You, 225
Internet Succession: Computers, Mobiles, Things, 229
The World Ahead, 232
The Hope and Instability of Hackers and Whistle Blowers, 235
Firing the Social Scientists—and Training New Ones, 240
Putting the Civic into the Internet of Things, Domestically, 242
Device Networks and Foreign Affairs, 249
How Can You Thrive in the Pax Technica? 254
The Promise of the Pax, 255

Notes 259
Glossary 295
Acknowledgments 299
Index 303